5 Tips To Make Running Your Small Business Easier

When you start as an entrepreneur, you often imagine that you will finally be able to devote yourself to your activity and exercise your profession in complete freedom. But the reality of Excel spreadsheets and the administrative burden quickly caught up with dreamy entrepreneurs!

Concentrate all of your customers’ information in a CRM

Adopting a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the first step to simplify your management. No more customer lists in Excel and prospecting reminders to be recorded by hand!

The commercial management of your company, essential to its development, is thus centralized and automated by the CRM to simplify your daily life:

  • Centralization of information from prospects and customers, even when working with a small team. No information is lost.
  • Follow-up of prospecting and orders for each customer
  • Integration of CRM into emails to facilitate prospecting
  • Connection to your diary for one-click appointment management
  • Sending segmented emails according to the profiles of your prospects and customers

Use an online invoicing tool

Save time by creating your quotes and invoices from an online invoicing software. Many tools thus offer to create quotes linked to your prospects very simply, then to transform them into an invoice in one click.

Make it easier to share documents with your accountant

As an entrepreneur you certainly outsource the accounting of your business. Facilitating discussions with your accountant will save you considerable time (and him too!).

Monitor your customer relationship

It’s no secret that having good customer service is one of the keys to a business’s success. So ensure your customers’ satisfaction by carefully monitoring the handling of complaints and returns and responding quickly to consumer inquiries.

Take care of human resources

Whatever the number of employees in your company, human resources management requires significant work each month which can turn out to be very time-consuming.

By adopting an HR management tool, you will be able to save time on the creation of expense reports, the management of leaves and absences, the personnel register, etc.

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