Smart Film Applications

Smart Film Applications
There are many applications for smart film. You can have complete privacy while
maintaining the ability to view your surroundings Smart Film Thailand. These films are often used in
homes, offices, conference rooms, retail environments, and hospitals, to name a
few. PDLC, Liquid crystal, Electrochromic glass, and Self-adhesive are some of the
popular ones. Let’s take a look at some of the more creative uses for smart film.

Why Do You Need Smart Film Application In Office? - Foot Goddess Natalie

The Smart film with PDLC is an excellent choice for privacy glasses. The liquid
crystal molecules in this film are dispersed throughout the polymer matrix. When
exposed to a current, the liquid crystals line up, and when the power is turned off,
they scatter ติด ฟิล์ม กระจก บ้าน, creating a hazy but transparent surface. In fact, the Smart film with
PDLC is nearly invisible and is suitable for all applications where privacy is
Liquid crystal
Liquid crystal smart film is a new type of window tint that allows you to control how
much light passes through it. This film is very effective for a variety of applications,
including commercial buildings, health care facilities, residential homes, and many
more. The smart film blocks up to 97% of visible light while allowing 85% of total
light to pass through. Unlike conventional window tints, which can only block light
when in direct sunlight, liquid crystal smart film can control light from outside
without changing its color or quality.
Electrochromic glass
Liquid crystals controlled by an electric current change color when exposed to
varying levels of light. Initially, this glass appears transparent and will darken over
time. The darkening process is fast and uniform, and can take a few seconds or a
few minutes, depending on the size of the window. Electrochromic glass on smart
film is transparent when in its clear state and opaque when the light level is lower.
The adhesive layer of the Smart film is self-adhesives and can be easily installed. To
install the film, you should prepare a clean flat surface. Place the film on the surface,
with the adhesive side facing up. To identify which side is the adhesive, look for a
red stamp or label on the film. Remove this protective layer carefully. After the
adhesive layer has dried, peel it away.

Smart Window Film – Switchable PDLC Film

Unlike conventional switchable smart film, colored switchable smart film is produced
by liquid crystal dyeing. These tinted films retain the transmittance properties of
ordinary smart films and are ideal for use in interior design and exhibition. Moreover,
their colors can be matched with any space. These tinted films come with a low MOQ
of 400sqm, making them a perfect choice for any interior or exhibition design. They

are available in all types of smart films, including switchable electric frosting glass.
Control options
A smart film provides complete privacy while still offering a way to maintain your
view. This technology has numerous creative applications, and is suitable for use in
many areas, including homes, offices, conference rooms, retail, and hospitals.
Control options include wall switches, phone apps, and dimmable controllers. The
film is custom-cut and operates with only a few watts of energy per square meter.
Smart film is applied to existing glass or can be applied to a new surface.

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